NRI: INT: Co-Robot Controllers for Human-Like Physical Interaction and Improved Motor Learning

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Eric Perreault will lead the studies on human motor control and neuromechanics, studying the mechanisms of human-human interaction during cooperative, collaborative, and competitive behaviors. He will collaborate with Jose Pons on Task 4.2, working to develop models of motor behavior that describe how humans modulate force and impedance during these behaviors and how that modulation influences performance of the dyad. Perreault will also work with Pons & Hargrove to develop controllers that replicate human interactions and evaluate these controllers on subjects with spinal cord injury.
Effective start/end date9/1/208/31/24


  • Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (8913 cc 82089 // 2024488)
  • National Science Foundation (8913 cc 82089 // 2024488)


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