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PROJECT SUMMARY: TRAINING CORE This new U2C/TL1 application is responsive to calls for developing an innovative interdisciplinary training program to strengthen the Kidney, Urology Hematology (KUH) research workforce in order to address capacity building for KUH research. Chief obstacles to designing and implementing a successful interdisciplinary research training program include limitations in training assets, research and mentorship expertise, and opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration. To overcome these obstacles, the Training Core of the Chicago Kidney Urology Hematology network FOR city-Wide reseArch tRaining and career Development (Chicago KUH FORWARD) will train pre- and postdoctoral KUH trainees (10 slots/career stage; 20 slots total) across 6 institutions (Northwestern University (NU), Lurie Children’s Hospital at Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Chicago, and Rush and Loyola Universities) in an innovative and integrated interdisciplinary training program that will converge on cross-cutting tools that can be utilized across diseases, fields, or questions. Unique features of the program will include adoption of general and specific competencies for interdisciplinary training, cross-disciplinary mentoring team, new cross-disciplinary curriculum that incorporates seminars, journal clubs and workshops that place emphasis on presentation of cross-cutting innovative tools and not specific diseases, dedicated grant writers groups, and a broad matrix of professional development activities that map to chosen competencies. The centerpiece of the Training Core is mentored cross-disciplinary research that yields scientific products. Resources provided by the Professional Development and Network Cores will synergize with the Training Core activities and augment career development of trainees. The operational hub for the Training Core will be the NU Division of Nephrology and Hypertension. Drs. Isakova, David, Thumbikat, and Eklund will co-lead the Training Core, and each brings unique and complementary expertise across KUH. Co-Directors and the Co-Investigators at Chicago KUH FORWARD institutions will constitute the Training Core Executive Committee, which will be assisted by a Diversity Committee and a Trainee Selection Committee. Administrative support will be provided by the Program Coordinator & Manager. The 75 Training Core mentors are KUH adult and pediatric specialists, and clinical, basic and translational researchers. The training program will be evaluated by an Evaluation Associate under the supervision of Dr. Drane, a training program evaluation expert. The Chicago KUH FORWARD Steering Committee will serve in internal advisory capacity, whereas the Chicago KUH FORWARD External Evaluation Board (EEB) will provide external review. The Training Core Executive Committee will work with the Diversity and Trainee Selection Committees to make changes to the program in response to the evaluation findings. Continuous cycles of evaluations and improvements will help us achieve our mission of making Chicago a national hub for innovative interdisciplinary KUH research training.
Effective start/end date9/15/215/31/26


  • National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (5TL1DK132769-03)


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