NSF-BSF Influences of cohesion enhancing elements, impurities and hydrogen or deuterium at grain boundaries and heterophase interfaces on embrittlement (ductilization) of steels

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A study of an additive manufactured (AM) special steel designed specifically for AM, which
involves first having this steel atomized by a commercial company. The powders will then be
used to print 3-D specimens through the use of a SLM machine at Northwestern University and
also at Tel Aviv University using a DED (LENS) machine. The fabricated products will then be
hydrogenated and also deuterated to introduce hydrogen or deuterium in them. Mechanical
property measurements will be made on these fabricated products to study the effects of
hydrogen and deuterium. Specifically, whether or not the fabricated products are embrittled by
hydrogen and deuterium.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/24


  • National Science Foundation (NOT SPECIFIED)


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