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Nanomedicine has attracted considerable attention in recent years as a new paradigm to
diagnose and treat certain diseases. Northwestern University in the USA is a leader in the
applications of nanotechnology, including medical applications. NTU has set up a
Nanomedicine Institute with the primary aim of developing and accelerating Nanomedicine
research to the clinic. In this endeavour, NTU seeks to work closely with NU to tap into
existing expertise as well as to complement it.
In this context, access to such expertise at NU is critical. This Agreement seeks to engage
NU researchers in the development, characterization and validation of nanotechnological
solutions to medical problems. As such it seeks to tap into well-developed methods of
analysis/validation currently being practiced at NU, as well as to work together with NU
researchers in probing new solutions to medical problems.
A workshop was conducted in February 2014 to identify the areas of mutual benefit and
interest. Following this workshop, it became evident that a collaborative framework including
payment for services would be the optimum way to capitalize on NU expertise.
The NU team of nanotechnologists have prior experience with accelerating
commercialization of research in addition to being well-recognized technology developers.
NTU, with the setting up of its new Medical School, will have available clinician scientists
who can coordinate animal and human trials. There is also ongoing activity in
nanotechnology that can be brought to bear on the joint efforts. In this context, the
Agreement will serve to formalize the collaborative arrangement, and engage a substantial
number of NU researchers with NTU.
Effective start/end date11/1/1410/31/18


  • Nanyang Technological University (Agmt 10/10/14)


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