Objective and subjective measurements of patient susceptibility to reverberation

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This project aims to examine both objective and subjective assessments of individual susceptibility to reverberation, in order to improve the initial rehabilitation strategies for individuals with hearing impairment. Reverberation is a widely-present acoustic distortion that significantly decreases speech understanding. Some individuals are able to cope with this distortion; however, others experience much greater susceptibility. Previous research has identified several factors which may predict susceptibility to reverberation: age, degree of hearing loss, gap detection, and working memory. However, the exact predictive capacity of these factors is unclear. This project will examine the independent effects of these factors, as well as investigate the potential of a subjective assessment of reverberation susceptibility.
Effective start/end date8/1/151/31/17


  • American Academy of Audiology Foundation (Letter 07/31/2015)


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