Off Campus Post-Doctoral Fellow Support: Robert C. Regan PROJ0019245

  • Sauls, James A (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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This Statement of Work (SOW) describes work to be done by Northwestern for quantum sensing detectors of dark matter candidates using superconducting radio frequency cavities for the Fermilab QuantiSED program. The SOW will be valid for 12 months, beginning on December 1, 2020. Statement of Work 1. Theoretical support of QuantiSED research at Fermilab provided by post-doctoral research associate Robert C. Regan, will include the following activities as needed: a. Develop characterization tools for superconducting radio frequency cavities to be used as quantum sensors of dark matter candidates – LSW detectors of dark photons and Axion-like particles. b. Theoretical predictions for the nonlinear electromagnetic field response of superconducting radio frequency cavities to identify potential false signatures of dark matter candidates in multi-mode superconducting radio frequency cavity detectors. c. Analysis of quantum experiments using LSW and multi-mode cavities. d. Preparation of presentations and manuscripts.
Effective start/end date12/1/2011/30/21


  • Fermi Research Alliance, LLC, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (678534//DE-AC02-07CH11359)
  • Department of Energy (678534//DE-AC02-07CH11359)


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