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Northwestern University (NU) will serve as an OpenSciEd Project Development Center, directed by PI Brian J. Reiser. OpenSciEd Phase 2 will be conducted in two parts: Phase 2a (Jan 2019 through Aug 2020) and Phase 2b (Sep 2020 through Dec 2021). 1. The NU development center will assist the BSCS development center in developing and revising 12 NGSS units, 4 units in grades 6, 7, and 8 each. NU OpenSciEd will provide Unit Leadership and staffing for half of these efforts (6 units) and will provide staffing to support the BSCS in the other 6 units. Each unit will undergo the following process: a. NU staff will conduct a thorough review of the performance expectation bundle that will guide the unit’s development, and develop unpacking, candidate anchoring phenomena, and draft storyline. b. A Unit Design Team will be created consisting of developers with expertise in the disciplinary content of the unit, in the focal practices and cross-cutting concepts in the unit, and in any areas that have been identified as weaknesses of the unit. All unit design teams will also include one or more educators from core partner states and the person who will lead the revision process at the Development Center. c. The Design Team will convene for a multi-day Design Conference where they will review the proposed unpacking, anchoring phenomena, and draft storyline, and provide feedback to guide the Development Center’s development of the unit. d. The Development Center will revise the unpacking, anchoring phenomena, and storyline based on the Design Team’s feedback, and use these resources to guide unit development. Unit development will consist of a teacher guide with educative embedded resources, classroom facing slides, materials lists, and student materials. e. Pilot tests will be conducted of key lessons to examine both pedagogical effectiveness and success of laboratory designs. f. The unit will go through copy editing and layout prior to field testing. g. Following field testing, the unit will go through a revision process including conceptual design based on feedback from the field trials, lesson revisions, and production. 2. NU will collaborate Boston College to advise on the design of the professional learning system for each unit.
Effective start/end date1/1/1912/31/19


  • BSCS Science Learning (Work Agreement 2019-12 // Work Agreement 2019-12)
  • National Center for Civic Innovation, Inc. (Work Agreement 2019-12 // Work Agreement 2019-12)


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