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Project Management BSCS Science Learning (BSCS) will be responsible for the overall coordination and project management for the OpenSciEd Developers Consortium. Including the following activities: Developers Consortium Leadership and Coordination ● BSCS will participate in planning for State Steering Committee meetings and assist in the facilitation of them. ● BSCS will coordinate and monitor the activities of the other 4 partner organizations in the OpenSciEd Developers’ Consortium: Boston College, Northwestern University, Dana Center, and Digital Promise. ● BSCS will serve as the liaison between the leadership and the State Steering Committee of OpenSciEd and the members of the Developers Consortium. Product Delivery ● BSCS will select and work with a vendor to ensure availability of kits of specialized equipment and supplies for purchase by districts for all field tests. ● BSCS will work within the Learning Tapestry tools to provide camera-ready copy for all units to a printer identified by OpenSciEd. If the Learning Tapestry tools are unavailable, or unworkable, BSCS will notify OpenSciEd at the earliest possible date. ● BSCS will work within the Learning Tapestry tools to generate PDF versions of all units and make them available on a website that is accessible to all participants in field tests. If the Learning Tapestry tools are unavailable, or unworkable, BSCS will notify OpenSciEd at the earliest possible date. ● BSCS will provide access to all digital resources included in the units on unit-specific web pages for teachers and students. ● BSCS will obtain rights to distribute all materials that will be incorporated into the version 1.0 units under the licenses specified in the Agreement to which this scope of work is attached. Unit Development BSCS and Northwestern University will lead the development and revision of instructional units, working together with Boston College, and the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin. Expected Activities: ● BSCS, Northwestern, the Dana Center, and Boston College will collaborate to develop field test versions of the following units: o Phase 3 ▪ Round 5: units: 6.5 Natural Hazards; 7.2 Chemical Reactions B; and 8.4 Earth in Space. ▪ Round 6 units: 6.6 Cells and Systems; 7.6 Natural Resources and Human Impact; 8.6 Natural Selection and Human Ancestry. ● Development teams will be composed of members with relevant expertise from the Developers Consortium centers. ● Each development team will conduct a thorough review of the performance expectation bundle that will guide the unit’s development, and develop unpacking, candidate anchoring phenomena, and draft storyline. ● A Unit Advisory Committee will be created consisting of a chair who has expertise in one or more of the following areas: disciplinary content of the unit, the focal practices and cross-cutting concepts in the unit, and/or areas that have been identified as weaknesses of the unit. All unit advisory committees will also include two educators nominated by core partner states. ● Each development team will revise the unpacking, anchoring phenomena, and storyline based on feedback from the State Steering Committee and the Unit Advisory Committee and use these resources to guide unit development. ● Each development team will create a teacher guide with educative embedded resources, classroom facing slides, materials lists, and student materials. ● Each unit will go through copy editing and layout prior to field testing. ● Development teams will develop equipment and sup
Effective start/end date1/1/204/30/22


  • BSCS Science Learning (Agreement #2020-006 Amnd 1 // Agreement #2020-006 Amnd 1)
  • National Center for Civic Innovation, Inc. (Agreement #2020-006 Amnd 1 // Agreement #2020-006 Amnd 1)


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