Operation RESTORE: Advancing a Basic Science Program in the Development of Bioartificial Tissues and Organs, in order to Repair Battlefield-Acquired Severe Soft Tissue Injuries and Chronic Organ Failure Commonly Seen in United States Veterans

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The overarching mission is to advance the field of reconstructive and restorative surgery, including transplantation, as a means of treating: (1) severe tissue loss that has resulted from major combat injuries, and (2) organ failure that has occurred in the wake of chronic medical conditions commonly experienced by United States veterans. More specifically, we propose to leverage Northwestern’s campus assets to enhance the link between plastic surgery and the Comprehensive Transplant Center (CTC), a part of Northwestern Medicine, by creating a collaborative program that will explore the role of soft tissue transplantation as a therapeutic option. While we initially will focus on veterans and wounded inhabitants of the Great Lakes Region, we also will be mindful of our long-term objective—namely, to use information gained from this project to complement findings from other initiatives. For instance, the CTC recently joined a national consortium of centers active in composite vascularized tissue allo-geneic transplants, in response to a funding opportunity from the United States military. This national consortium of centers has proposed a comprehensive clinical and scientific program that will be dedicated to advancing the field of reconstructive transplantation. To realize this vision, and to demonstrably move the field of reconstructive transplantation forward, we believe that an amalgamation of complementary initiatives, including this three-pronged application funded by the McCormick Foundation, is essential. Only through interdisciplinary, multi-faceted efforts will we be able to provide the greatest possible help to patients in need of restoration of function and dignity. Program Structure (Three Interrelated Projects): 1. Developing a Chicago-based, clinical, patient-centered reconstructive transplant program for severe tissue loss centered at Northwestern Memorial Hospital 2. Evaluating quality of life outcome indicators in veterans with combat-acquired severe soft tissue loss 3. Advancing a basic science program in the development of bioartificial tissues and organs, in order to repair battlefield-acquired severe soft tissue injuries and to combat chronic organ failure commonly seen in United States veterans.
Effective start/end date6/1/145/31/24


  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Agr. 07/01/2014 Amnd 10)


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