Operator 4.0 via Fatigue and Motion Analyses in a Human Digital Twin Enabled Framework for Smart Manufacturing

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The objective of this research is to develop a new framework for human-centered digital twin towards the construct of Operator 4.0, where new sensing capability and human cyber-physical models are developed to augment operator capabilities, improve their knowledge through real-time performance feedback, and inform micro and macro level continuous process improvement in corresponding production systems. As a crucial link, a smart operator is expected to integrate the physical and virtual assets, to gain knowledge from the digital twin, and in turn to add further intelligence to the system. Particularly, we will focus on the aspect of Healthy Operator 4.0 in this project. The operators will gain real-time feedback on their fatigue conditions and performance indices empowered by state-of-the-art wearable flexible sensors. Based on sensor fusion and backend data analytics, expert suggestions of ergonomics and workflow optimization will be provided to the operators as well as the stakeholders, so that predictive scheduling and optimal productivity can be achieved (e.g. an operator can be informed of potential fatigue based on prediction even before he/she actually fatigues.). The goal is to promote a sustainable and healthy working environment for improvements in safety, ergonomics, operational efficiency, quality, and yields.
Effective start/end date4/1/2112/31/22


  • UI Labs (19-13-05 // W15QKN-19-3-0003)
  • Picatinny Center for Contracting and Commerce (19-13-05 // W15QKN-19-3-0003)


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