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Goal: Determine the optimal time from the point of the first patient contact to the first appointment, the optimal time from the identification of the need for an MRI to the MRI, and the optimal time from the date of surgery to the date of the medical oncology consultation. We will work to identify and address any existing inefficiencies within our system. Year 3 Institutional Expectations: 1. Oversight of project activities at large by the Institutional PI 2. Follow‐up regarding the COH identified opportunity for improvement optimal time between timepoints on the treatment continuum and addressing inefficiencies within their system. Specifics include: a. Development and implementation of a consistent intake form for initial consult appointments. b. This form will be sent to patients prior to their appointment to expedite the first visit and make more efficient use of appointment time. c. Measurement of efficiency at first appointment. 3. Project wrap‐up by June 30, 2013 4. Completion of Project Survey [Survey Monkey] 5. Attendance and presentation at Project Educational Summit a. Includes 20 minute presentation on institutional project 6. Submission of a 1,500 word article to a JNCCN supplement by January 15, 2014 a. To include content from the institutional project, as well as discussion and feedback from the Educational Summit presentation
Effective start/end date11/1/123/31/14


  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network (Agmt. Signed 3/25/14)


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