Outreach Support for Young Scholars Program 2020-2021

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To increase awareness and access to the JKCF scholarship program, CTD will conduct the following outreach activities: • Presentations(in person or virtual) and application workshops to educators and families at schools and community-based organizations, as well as presentations and representation at conferences and educational fairs. • Send regular emails or mailings to 7th grade CTD program participants during the program year, and to 6th grade students after deadlines pass to begin recruitment for the following year. • Send emails and make phone calls to CTD school coordinator contacts as well as to community-based organizations working with high-ability, low-income youth. • Conduct data mining of schools and districts who have had JKCF Young Scholar applications and NUMATS participation to target for outreach meetings with school staff and parents. • Create social media posts on CTD Facebook and Twitter accounts, promote information on CTD website and write blog posts for CTD blog. • Create entries for the CTD educator digest and host webinars about the application process and benefits of the scholarship. • Create advertisements and flyers that can be distributed to educational list serves, state gifted education advocacy groups, and networks.
Effective start/end date6/1/205/31/21


  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (Award 08/14/2020)


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