Pain Response Evaluation of a Combined Intervention to Cope Effectively (PRECICE)

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Dr. Rini will attend a study kick-off meeting and subsequent study meetings and assist with the following activities: 1) Lead planning to implement use of web-based pain coping skills training (PCST) program (painTRAINER) in the study, including: a. Work with the team to develop protocols for using web-based PCST in this study, ensuring it is coordinated with the larger study protocol and that it addresses participant needs and study goals. One protocol will cover methods staff will use as they instruct participants in how to use the program. Another protocol will cover how staff will support and monitor use of the program throughout the trial. b. Finalize instructional materials for participants (e.g., how to login to the program and use it, as well as how to resolve problems) and staff. c. Train the study staff across sites in procedures related to approaching and educating participants to ensure they can use the program d. Devise a plan for monitoring fidelity and responding to questions. 2) Work with her technical support team to ensure the program is maintained and supported throughout the study 3) Provide support for use of the program and problem solve with participants any issues that arise as they use the program 4) Work with team to facilitate getting and interpreting data related to use of our program 5) Be involved in interpretation of findings as well as preparation and writing of presentations and manuscripts.
Effective start/end date9/1/208/31/24


  • Wake Forest University Health Sciences (349-33391-11000001253 AMD2 // 1UG3NR019196-01)
  • National Institute of Nursing Research (349-33391-11000001253 AMD2 // 1UG3NR019196-01)


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