Participant Support Costs for BIGDATA: EAGER: Catalyzing Research in Multimodal Learning Analytics

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During the final year of this project, we have a number of objectives. First, we plan to organize an extended 3-4 day workshop among education researchers and computer scientists interested in doing work in multimodal learning analytics. Doing an extended workshop will allow us to go into much more depth than was possible during the one day workshops that we've organized at previous conferences. Second, we plan to complete the MuDCAT prototype. MuDCAT is a drag and drop interface for setting up data collection pipelines. We intend to test and launch this prototype at the upcoming workshop, both as a way to get feedback on the platform, and to assist attendees in collecting multimodal data. Third, we plan to document and publish our findings related to traditional multimodal analysis in education, the state-of-the-art in multimodal learning analytics, and data collection techniques. More specifically, we envision these papers as white papers, or peer reviewed publications that will be a comprehensive guide for researchers interested in embarking on research in multimodal learning analytics. Again, these resources will be disseminated before the final workshop as a way to get feedback, and to orient workshop participants. The forthcoming work will be facilitated by work from PI Worsley and his students at Northwestern University.
Effective start/end date7/1/168/31/19


  • National Science Foundation (IIS-1832234)


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