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Partners in Hope (PIH) is a non-profit medical center based in Lilongwe, Malawi which has provided free HIV care since 2004. Since 2010, PIH has worked as a HIV Care and Treatment (C&T) partner through awards from USAID. Currently, PIH works in eight districts in Malawi supporting clinical care, health systems strengthening and operational research with the Ministry of Health. Dr. Hirschhorn worked as a consultant for PIH to help develop the monitoring and evaluation system for PIH’s first C&T grant. Her support was critical for the success of the program. In addition to work in Malawi, PIH is part of the EQUIP Consortium and provides technical assistance for HIV programming in Malawi and Mozambique. PIH would like to set up a consultancy with Dr. Hirschhorn to provide the following: 1. Technical assistance (TA) to improve the routine use of MoH data to drive program changes; 2. TA to develop new methods of describing community impact of services given the difficulties of determining appropriate denominators in catchment areas that geographically overlap; 3. Technical assistance (TA) to improve the current C&T grant. This includes systems to track more detailed epidemiologic indicators required by USAID; 4. TA to the EQUIP Technical Assistance grant to improve ability to evaluate the viability of new programs to improve HIV care and/or decrease the epidemic; 5. TA to review the methods used by USAID to determine targets, quantify the improvement of the HIV epidemic in Malawi; 6. TA to improve the monitoring and evaluation of the EQUIP Consortium. PIH expects this to be a long term consultancy given the complicated programmatic, and epidemiologic factors involved. The expectation is that this would include up to 5 trips to Malawi of 1-2 weeks each with all travel costs covered by EQUIP plus regular phone/skype calls for ongoing work when not in-country
Effective start/end date5/1/174/30/18


  • Partners in Hope (AID‐OAA‐A‐15‐00070)
  • Agency for International Development (AID‐OAA‐A‐15‐00070)


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