Pastors4PCOR Engaging Faith Based Communities, Researchers and Providers in Patient Centered Outcomes Research: Education and Training for Comparative Effectiveness Research Topic Generation

  • Johnson, Rebecca Emily (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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Pastors4PCOR Research Ministry Project Summary The main aim of The Pastors4PCOR Research Ministry Project is to “increase the participation of underserved communities of color in comparative effectiveness research and patient centered outcomes research”. To achieve this we propose a program of training for faith-based community leaders and/or their appointed elders about the core values and practices of patient centered outcomes research and a network of research ministries in faith based settings to enable engagement. These research ministries will interact with existing ministries in caregiving, health, and cluster engagement discussion groups on specific diseases. Pastors4PCOR Research Ministry facilitators will be equipped with tools and activities for research ministry which can either be delivered as a stand along program or embedded in existing groups. A flexible program of activities will introduce Pastors4PCOR Research Ministry facilitators to patient centered outcomes research, increase community capacity to identify faith-based community based health assets; increase likelihood of engaging with health research and engage community members in topic generation for comparative effectiveness research.
Effective start/end date4/1/153/30/17


  • Total Resource Community Development Organization (Agreement 07/17/2015 // Agreement 07/17/2015)
  • Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (Agreement 07/17/2015 // Agreement 07/17/2015)


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