Pathogenic mechanisms of Neuro-PASC in older adults

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We hypothesize that sleep and circadian rhythm disruption and associated fatigue affects cognitive abilities in older Neuro-PASC patients. Moreover, poor sleep may have a compounding effect on the alterations of the cellular immune response to SARS-CoV-2, leading to an altered function of Tregs and development of autoimmunity, which may be a key long-term mechanism of Neuro-PASC. The rationale is that the proposed studies will enable us to understand a central aspect of Neuro-PASC pathogenesis in older adults and open new avenues to develop therapeutic and preventive interventions. We will test our hypothesis by pursuing the following Specific Aim:
Effective start/end date7/31/223/31/24


  • National Institute on Aging (3R01AG059291-04S1)


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