Patient perspectives on provider education for cardiogenomics

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1. What is the major problem being addressed by this study? Cardiologists often care for patients at risk of sudden cardiac death. However, many of them don’t how to use genetic tests to help patients at risk of sudden cardiac death and their families. One way to help may begin with talking directly to patients. Interviewing patients and their families may find ways ways doctors could better communicate with these patients. 2. What specific questions are you asking and how will you attempt to answer them? First, we generally want know how patients felt about their conversations with their doctors. We also want to know what patients learned from their doctors, as well as what patients learned from other people. We will interview patients to learn this information. We will then use this information as part of our project to develop educational programs for doctors. 3. What is the potential overall impact of this work on the mission of the AHA? The results of this project will add to the education program we are currently designing. Specifically, we believe including the patient point of view in design will improve the final product. With improved education for doctors will come improved care for sudden cardiac death.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/23


  • American Heart Association (#866325)


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