Patient Reported Outcomes Clarification, Equating and Standard Setting in Prostate Cancer

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In April, 2012 Dr. Victorson submitted an R01 proposal (PROSPECTIV) to an NIH Special Emphasis Panel on PROMIS Ancillary Studies (RFA-AR-12-007), which received a priority score of 31. The purpose of PROSPECTIV was to integrate and evaluate select PROMIS® QOL measures within existing longitudinal uro-oncology clinical studies to test validity and utility in clinical practice and in clinical trials. There is a tremendous lack of comparability in patient reported metrics in uro-oncology clinical research and this proposal emphasized our plan to standard and efficiently measure patient reported outcomes using PROMIS as a base, all within the context of ongoing uro-oncology trials. The purpose of the proposal was to provide a unified assessment system and set of interpretable tools that can help detect, clarify, distinguish and inform intervention effects within and across therapies or patient populations and advance the discovery of important uro-oncological phenotypes. Bringing greater clinical interpretability and measurement transparency to these tools is vital for comparative effectiveness research. The current Bridge funding proposal seeks to distill key elements from this original R01 proposal, notably, to 1) focus solely on men with prostate cancer (vs. prostate, bladder and kidney cancer); 2) focus on data from one longitudinal trial called URO-QOL (vs. 4 different ongoing longitudinal trials); 3) limit the validation plan to linking QOL measures on the same metric and creating meaningful cut scores of these measures using proven standard setting approaches.
Effective start/end date10/1/138/31/17


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