Peer-led Suicide Prevention: Promoting Healthy Family Role Transitions for Military Personnel

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The Northwestern site will be responsible for the scientific design of this proposed randomized trial and monitoring its conduct and performing statistical analyses to evaluate the HomeStrong intervention. We will be responsible for preparing reports and summaries of analyses throughout the project.
The Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs) at Northwestern will create a web and SMS based intervention to promote healthy social norms and emotional coping skills for those in the military. The intervention will include a system to manage the receipt and transmission of SMS messages, a peer leader web panel to access intervention materials and a researcher panel to assist peer leaders in constructing and managing messages while providing data oversight. Hosting, data export and support will be provided by CBITs as documented in the budget. Intervention materials will be provided by the Rochester team.
Effective start/end date9/8/149/7/20


  • University of Rochester (416496-G//W81XWH-14-1-0322)
  • U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (416496-G//W81XWH-14-1-0322)


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