Pelvic fascia spARing radical prostatectomy TrIAL (PARTIAL)

Project: Research project

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Edward Schaeffer, MD, PhD will be the co-PI and site lead for this project at Northwestern University. Dr. Schaeffer will oversee all aspects of this project at Northwestern to ensure that aims reach its proposed goals. He will lead recruitment efforts in the prostate cancer clinic at Northwestern and will randomize men to pelvic fascia sparing (PFS-RP) vs. conventional robotic assisted radical prostatectomy (RP) using the two-step, just-in-time consent. He will also participate in the standardization of surgical approaches for both PFS-RP and RP and review surgeon videos to ensure procedural fidelity. He will also supervise the research coordinator to ensure study endpoints are captured. Dr. Schaeffer will have shared responsibility in data analysis, interpretation of data and preparation of manuscripts.
Effective start/end date2/4/221/31/27


  • Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University (234253-1 AMD 2 // 5R01CA259173-02)
  • National Cancer Institute (234253-1 AMD 2 // 5R01CA259173-02)


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