PFI-RP: Bioresorbable Integrated Photonic Sensing Platform for Brain Implant

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We propose to develop a bioresorbable bio-implantable (BrBi) multi-functional integrated photonic sensing platform (IPSP) for simultaneous monitoring of brain intracranial pressure, temperature, and oxygenation functions. The chip can be designed to have the specific functional lifetimes, and then they are absorbed by the body, negating the need for surgery to remove the devices. In this phase, the Rogers’ lab at Northwestern University will be responsible for fabrication of the Bioresorbable Integrated Photonic Sensing Platform and testing/troubleshooting with the collaborators at the University of Texas, Arlington.
Effective start/end date9/1/182/29/20


  • University of Texas at Arlington (261006670061 // IIP-1827693)
  • National Science Foundation (261006670061 // IIP-1827693)


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