Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of TAK-659 in EBV+ and - Lymphomas

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Animals will be enrolled in study and randomized between the groups when tumor reaches 400-­‐800mg. Mice will be administered an acute oral dose of TAK-­‐659 and samples will be harvested at timepoints according to the study design above. The blood will be harvested into EDTA tubes provided and spun to obtain the plasma. The plasma will be collected into provided tubes, frozen on dry ice, and kept at -­‐80C until transfer to Millennium. The harvested tumor from each mouse will be split into three pieces. One piece (1/2 of the tumor) will be snap-­‐frozen in a Covaris bag for western blot analysis. The second piece (1/4 tumor) will be formalin-­‐fixed and placed in provided bar-­‐coded cassette for IHC analysis. (See instructions for Handling FFPE samples). The third piece (1/4 tumor no more than 0.1-­‐0.2g) will be placed into a plastic tube and frozen on dry ice for PK analysis. The priority of tumor material should be to provide a WB sample, IHC, then PK sample. These samples will be shipped to Millennium for analysis. The entire experiment will be repeated to insure reproducibility.
Effective start/end date6/14/141/1/15


  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Agmt 06/14/14)


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