Phase 1 studies of MW151, a selective small molecule suppressor of neuroinflammation for Alzheimer’s disease

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The Northwestern University (NU) site for this ADDF MPI application under the leadership of the NU principal investigator (NU-PI), Dr. D. Martin Watterson, will provide advice and assistance to the University of Kentucky (UK) principal investigator (UK-PI), Dr. Linda Van Eldik, on the overall goals of the project.

The NU site will conduct the following work related to the overall goals of the project:
• NU will advise on bioanalytical methods and formulation protocols to the certified bioanalytical CRO for the PK studies.
• NU will advise on tests of drug stability, CRO analytical methods, and raw data file archiving.
• NU will advise on CRO progress in the extended rat and dog toxicology studies.
• NU will advise the clinical CRO and the UK-PI in the conduct of the phase 1 trials, especially in the areas of regulatory filings and bioanalytical data interpretation.
Effective start/end date4/1/193/31/21


  • University of Kentucky (3048114267-19-238//GC-201801-2014589)
  • Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation (3048114267-19-238//GC-201801-2014589)


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