Phase I Loud Crowd Grant Program

  • Roberts, Angela (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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Through a grant from Parkinson Voice Project, we aim to expand the services we provide to patients with Parkinson's disease. The SPEAK OUT! program is appealing for its ability to improve individual patient outcomes in their communicative effectiveness. The LOUD Crowd is a critical part of the program for generalization, peer support, and maintenance of positive outcomes. Being able to offer both programs will provide a continuum of care/services, which is something our cross-campus clinics feel very strongly about given the various populations we serve. We are eager to be able to provide more services focusing on communication intent, effectiveness, and collaboration for these patients. As a result of this grant from Parkinson Voice Project, we hope to increase the number of referrals and ultimately patients we serve. We hope to provide meaningful and enriching opportunities for patients living with Parkinson's. Additionally, we hope to provide a bridge between our clinic locations, allowing for urban and suburban patients to connect and collaborate. Ultimately, we hope to be leaders in the Chicagoland area for providing quality, evidence based communication and swallowing services for patients living with Parkinson's disease.
Effective start/end date1/1/2012/31/20


  • Parkinson Voice Project, Inc (AGMT 3/19/20)


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