Pocket Literacy Coach Head Start Pilot

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The three project partners – the Ounce of Prevention Fund (the Ounce), Northwestern University, and Pocket Literacy Coach (PLC) – propose an innovative, 1-year project to increase access to and test the PLC service for low-income families in Chicago. Pocket Literacy Coach sends short, educational activities to parents’ mobile devices via text message 5 days a week. PLC’s fun, research-based activities help parents engage their 0-12 year old children in creative ways that are designed to build a range of age-appropriate, specific skills during the critical out-of-school time, providing parents with new information, ideas, and concrete strategies for supporting their child’s learning at home. The proposed pilot project will evaluate the influence of PLC texts on parent involvement and parent efficacy measures in a sample of low-income head start families with children between the ages of 0 and 5 years. This project will generate field-building research on how new digital tools can be used effectively to improve parent-involvement with children in low-income communities and will also increase access to PLC to low-income families in the Chicago area.
Effective start/end date1/1/137/31/13


  • Ounce of Prevention Fund (Agmt 02/08/2013)


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