PRagmatic EValuation of evENTs And Benefits of Lipid-lowering in oldEr Adults (PREVENTABLE)

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Subrecipient is a Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network ("PCORnet") Clinical Research Network Partner for the STAR Region ("CRN") and under the direction of Subrecipient's Principal Investigator will serve as CRN network leader, thereby assisting PTE in performance of the Project. Specifically, in Budget Period 01 Subrecipient shall: (i) identify potential subject-enrollment sites within CRN (each a "Site"); (ii) promote PREVENTABLE protocol ("Protocol") to Sites; (iii) support Site activation process; (iv) as available, review Site enrollment tracking reports (each a "Report") provided by PTE to Subrecipient (see Attachment 7); (v) provide Site-level data from Report to applicable Site-level clinical teams; (vi) liaise with PTE Project personnel as needed to expedite start-up of subject enrollment at Sites; (vi) act as a single point of contact (SPOC) to Sites; and (vii) ensure Site personnel run Cohort Assessment Query ("CAQ"). Subrecipient shall complete the Statement of Work in accordance with the criteria set forth in the Protocol, previously provided under separate cover.
Effective start/end date9/30/198/31/20


  • Duke University (A03-3153 // 1U19AG065188-01 REVISED)
  • National Institute on Aging (A03-3153 // 1U19AG065188-01 REVISED)


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