Precision Chemical Dynamics and Quantum Control of Ultracold Molecular Ion Reactions

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Statement of work. Northwestern University. Period 1 (3 months) • Build MOTION trap apparatus for cold reactions Period 2 (12 months) • Turn on MOTION trap • Set up new femtosecond laser and pulse-shaping for rotational cooling • Begin observations of ultracold ion-neutral reactions with state-controlled AlH+ Period 3 (12 months) • Quantify ultracold ion-neutral reactions with state-controlled AlH+ • Begin studies of rotational resonances in Rb / AlH+ reactions • Begin work with state-controlled SiO+ Period 4 (9 months) • Complete study of rotational resonances with both molecular ion species • Begin study of ultracold steric chemistry of SiO+ and AlH+ • Develop ability to load new species identified by Heaven group for rotational cooling Option years Period 5 (3 months) • Continue ultracold steric chemistry studies with both species • Rotational optical cooling new diagonal species identified by the Heaven group Period 6 (12 months) • Ultracold chemistry and rotational resonance studies of new species • State-to-state ultracold chemistry exploiting hyperfine and/or steric control Period 7 (9 months) • Ultracold steric chemistry studies of new species • Continue studies of state-to-state ultracold chemical reactions
Effective start/end date7/15/147/14/20


  • University of California, Los Angeles (1000 G SA978 // W911NF-14-1-0378)
  • Army Research Office (1000 G SA978 // W911NF-14-1-0378)


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