Precision phenotyping of emphysema in the elderly: the MESA Lung Study

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During Year 1-3 of the grant period, the budget covers personnel time and related costs for data collection at the MESA Field Center comprising of spirometry measures (prebronchodilator on all and post-bronchodilator on a subset), questionnaire items, lung CT without contrast on the same scanner as in Exam 6 and nasal brushing and hair follicle collection for 338 MESA Lung participants. Dr. Norrina Allen, the Filed Center PI, will perform or supervise the following tasks in addition to data collection: 1) IRB/Radiation Safety submission, 2) specific consent, 3) QA/QC to ensure protocol adherence, 4) routine cleaning/maintenance of the spirometer, 5) deindentification of CT data as necessary, 6) uploading of questionnaire, spirometry and CT data to the Coordinating Center or relevant Reading Center, 7) shipping of hair follicles to the MESA Lung, 8) collection of QC data, and 9) dissemination of results letters/alerts to participants. Dr. Allen and/or the project coordinator will be in monthly phone contact with Dr. Barr (overall PI) throughout Years 1-3 via project specific conference calls and/or the MESA Operations Committee conference calls. In Year 4-5, Dr. Allen will collaborate with Dr Barr (overall PI) to report the results of the study.
Effective start/end date2/15/228/31/26


  • Columbia University (2(GG017929-01) // 5R01HL077612-14)
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (2(GG017929-01) // 5R01HL077612-14)


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