PREM: UTA/NU Partnership for Functional Materials

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The UTA/NU Partnership for Functional Materials will support underrepresented minority (URM) students and postdocs along the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) educational pathway via a range of innovative mentoring strategies and cutting-edge materials research focused on two primary thrusts: (i) Functional Mixed-Dimensional Heterostructures and (ii) Energy-Efficient Synthesis of Next-Generation Oxychalcogenide Semiconductors. These research thrusts are well-aligned with the expertise of the PREM faculty at UTA and UTSA in addition to the two interdisciplinary research groups (IRGs) at the NU-MRSEC. The main objectives of the partnership are: (i) Develop a collaborative research program at the forefront of materials science and engineering that takes advantage of the complementary research at UTA, UTSA, and the NU-MRSEC. (ii) Establish an educational pipeline for URM students by providing unique research and educational opportunities. The recruiting efforts will include UTA, UTSA, and other URM-serving national organizations that will form a partnership network with long-term impact. Retention and successful completion of the pathway will be accomplished by active mentoring, student and postdoc exchanges, and participation in conferences, seminars, and professional development programs designed to successfully place PREM students in leadership positions.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/24


  • University of Texas at Arlington (2021GC0406//2122128)
  • National Science Foundation (2021GC0406//2122128)


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