Preventing Anaphylaxis with Acalabrutinib

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Food allergy is a potentially life threatening disease that affects approximately 15 million people, including 9 million adults and 8% of children1. Peanut allergy is a particularly common food allergy that is rarely outgrown, and ingestion of even miniscule amounts of peanut protein can result in serious or even fatal anaphylactic reactions2,3. There are no approved interventions for food allergy. Treatment remains strict avoidance and use of epinephrine after accidental exposure4,5. Although clinical trials delivering oral and sublingual food protein to induce desensitization or long-term tolerance has met with some success, they result in significant adverse reactions, and those with a history of prior life-threatening reactions are excluded from enrollment1,5-7. Thus, there is an obvious unmet need for treatments capable of preventing food-induced anaphylaxis.
Effective start/end date11/17/175/16/19


  • Acerta Pharma B.V. (Agmt 12/12/17)


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