Primary Care Internet-Based Depression Prevention for Adolescents

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Northwestern will work with the team at UIC to conduct data analyses in preparation for reporting to the Data Sharing and Monitoring Board at UIC. Northwestern will also handle statistical analyses for presentations and publications for this project. We will also work with UIC, who will be the IRB of record, to maintain data security and adhere to a limited data use agreement for the purposes of data sharing and analysis collaboration. Northwestern will also assist with writing a protocol for the research design and analysis and reporting to the DSMB.
Effective start/end date6/1/135/31/18


  • University of Illinois at Chicago (2011-06805-05-04-6564 // 5R01MH90035-)
  • National Institute of Mental Health (2011-06805-05-04-6564 // 5R01MH90035-)


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