Probing Cellular Membrane Processes by Single Particle Orientation and Rotational Tracking

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The Northwestern team (Odom lab) contributions will be to synthesize biocompatible nanoconstructs based on gold nanostars and nanorods and to functionalization their surfaces with small-molecule oligonucleotide drugs (aptamers, siRNA). These nanoconstructs will be used as optical imaging agents for differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy carried out by the Iowa State University team (Ning lab). Structural characterization such as dynamic light scattering, zeta potential, and transmission electron microscopy measurements will be used to determine the distribution of sizes and shapes of the nanoconstructs. In addition, the Odom lab will be responsible for growing a range of cancer and normal cells lines so that the uptake and intracellular transport can be imaged in a wide range of cell types. The nuclear targeting abilities of the gold nanoconstructs will be imaged by fluorescence microscopy, transmission microscopy, and DIC.
Effective start/end date9/22/156/30/21


  • Georgia State University (SP00012129-01 // R01GM115763)
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences (SP00012129-01 // R01GM115763)


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