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Despite the existence of several well-known assessment batteries for use by children under the age of 4 years, there are at present no standardized direct developmental assessments of infants and young children that are inexpensive, easy to administer within a relatively brief time frame, and able to capture multiple domains of neurodevelopment across this age range. The NU-led Baby Toolbox Team will develop, validate, and norm the NIH Infant and Toddler Toolbox (the “NIH Baby Toolbox” or “NBT”) for tablet administration as an efficient, comprehensive neurodevelopmental battery of measures, specific for use by researchers and clinicians in the neuropsychological, cognitive and social assessment of infants and toddlers ages 1 to 42 months. We will improve upon these existing measures by using cutting edge psychometric methodology and real-time computing technologies for test presentation (e.g., computerized adaptive testing [CAT], eye tracking) and scoring. Task Order 3 (TO3) builds on the results of Task Order 1 and 2 (TO1 & TO2) by refining the NBT measures after the initial reliability and validity evaluations, developing technical solutions to challenges related to tablet-based administration of the measures, finalizing training materials, and identifying and preparing for a nationally-representative norming study. The primary goal of TO3 is to finalize the NBT measures and platform and begin pre-recruitment for a national norming study.

The scope of work for TO3 as stated in the NIH Task Order: “Addition of Clinically Relevant Nonverbal Measures and Final Refinement of the NBT in Preparation for Norming Study” includes the tasks the NBT Team will perform to identify and establish the requisite resources needed to build and support the NBT platform: a) Demonstrate validity of all English-language format measures; b) Develop a Spanish-language version of the NBT that is validated and culturally appropriate to diverse US Spanish-speaking populations and will enable the collection of nationally representative norming data; c) Refine and implement the technical strategy for media management and data aggregation; d) Finalize training and support materials and resources necessary for the successful use of the entire NBT for norming purposes; e) Identify & subcontract testing sites for norming (identify sites capable of cumulatively recruiting nationally representative infant or toddler plus parent dyads in the required age ranges); f) Prepare testing sites for norming (recruit, train, and certify site trainers and site administrators); g) Prepare testing protocol materials for IRB review; h) Maintain/continue all oversight and reporting requirements; i) Demonstrate and report readiness to move forward to full trial of NBT Toolbox for norming purposes.
The work performed for TO3 will provide formative information on the refinement of the test battery and testing procedures, which will support the broader NBT initiative. Successful completion of TO3 will demonstrate our readiness to conduct a national norming study of the NBT with infants and toddlers between 1 and 42 months of age from both English- and Spanish-speaking households.
Effective start/end date9/28/219/27/22


  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (75N94019D00005-75N94021F00001)


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