Project Manager Support for One8 project regarding epilepsy and pregnancy

Project: Research project

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The Project Manager will be responsible for working with members of the epilepsy and pregnancy clinician team to create summaries of relevant research findings and best practice protocols regarding epilepsy and pregnancy. These summaries will inform work done by an external healthcare marketing firm that will be hired by One8. This project will entail regular engagement with One8, the identified members of the clinician expert panel, and the healthcare marketing firm. The Project Manager’s specific responsibilities will include: Developing a specific workplan and timeline for the project in tandem with Hannah Coleman Weekly check-ins with Hannah Coleman to keep One8 updated on progress and to agree on deliverables Working with clinicians who make up the expert panel (including Drs. Page Pennell, Elizabeth Gerard, Paula E. Voinescu, and others to be identified) to develop practical summaries of MONEAD and other relevant research findings to be shared with a healthcare marketing firm Working with expert panel clinicians to develop baseline materials for discussion (focused on topic areas that have not been sufficiently explored in research and need discussion to reach consensus) at a 2-day in-person clinician conference (date TBD) Attending 2-day conference with the expert panel of clinicians Writing clear and concise summaries of all protocols agreed on via expert consensus during the 2-day conference Providing feedback on draft materials created by the healthcare marketing firm Serving as coordinating point with the expert panel as needed, including soliciting clinician input to answer any questions from the marketing firm needed to facilitate material creation
Effective start/end date10/1/229/30/23


  • One8 Foundation (ONE8 AGMT 4/11/23)


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