Promoting Best Practices in the Synthesis in Educational Research

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Education systems around the world need to be improved so that every student can reach his or her potential. Research-based evidence is the key to improvement. This project focuses on assuring that best practices in meta-analysis are followed in the synthesis of education research, including the evaluation of the replicability of education research. Meta-analysis is now widely used in the synthesis of research in education and related fields. Yet the practice of meta-analysis often fails to conform to what are best practices, failing to exploit new discoveries in the methodology. Practice is especially poor in the application of meta-analytic techniques to assessing the specific issue of replication of findings. This project will systematically assess best practices in meta-analysis, identify gaps and fill these gaps with additional research and tools to promote the use of best practices. Then it will use a variety of surveys and conferences among stakeholders (methodologists, researchers, and users of evidence) and systematic professional development to advocate for greater use of best practices.
Effective start/end date4/1/193/31/22


  • UBS Optimus Foundation (47896)
  • Yidan Prize Foundation Limited (47896)


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