Promoting Color Brave Conversations in Families: A Public Health Strategy to Advance Racial Equity

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Study Overview: The proposed study will examine the efficacy of a multi-module app-based intervention in promoting productive, color-conscious, and anti-racism conversations in white families. White families constitute an important, yet under-leveraged point of intervention to reduce racial bias and the perpetration of racism, and promote support for restorative societal policies—all of which have been linked to racial inequities in health experienced by people of color in the U.S. Prejudice reduction in children has also been linked to improved developmental and social/emotional outcomes, including positive peer relationships and interactions. Northwestern University SOW: Leoandra Onnie Rogers, Ph.D., Co-Investigator; Assistant Professor at Northwestern University in the Department of Psychology. Dr. Rogers will support interviewer protocol development and contribute to interview data collection and analysis. Dr. Rogers will apply her ample experience interviewing youth about race and racial identity and will support interview training for the project. Dr. Rogers’ research lab, Development of Identities in Cultural Environments (DICE), includes a lab manager and research personnel who will additionally provide support for this project.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/26


  • Tulane University (TUL-HSC-559715-21&22//1U01OD033242-01)
  • Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health (TUL-HSC-559715-21&22//1U01OD033242-01)


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