Proposed Conference Support: Ergodic Theory with Connections to Arithmentic

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Proposed Conference Support: Ergodic Theory with Connections to Arithmetic From June 3-7, 2013, there will be an international conference on ergodic theory with connections to combinatorics and number theory held at the University of Crete in Heraklion, Greece. This proposal seeks travel support for mathematicians based in the United States to participate in the conference. Intellectual Merit: In the last ten years, ergodic theory has developed and spread into new directions. New applications of ergodic theory have developed, techniques have been imported to the subject, and multiple connections have been developed with other areas of mathematics. Particularly strong connections with combinatorics and number theory have been developed, leading to an explosion of activity. A striking example of these connections is the recent work of Green and Tao on arithmetic progressions in the primes and the work of Einsiedler, Katok, and Lindenstrauss, on rigidity phenomena in dynamics that lead to new breakthroughs in number theory, including significant progress on the Littlewood Conjecture. In addition to focusing on recent developments and new open problems, the proposed meeting aims to bring together mathematicians that use ergodic theory to solve problems in combinatorics and number theory. Broader Impact: We primarily seek support for junior participants who do not have access to other travel funds. It is expected that most world experts in ergodic theory with a combinatorial or number theoretic flavor will be present at this conference, as well as numerous more junior Israeli and European participants. As such, it represents a unique opportunity to make new connections and progress in ergodic theory. It will be of substantial benefit to the US participants in terms of stimulating international collaboration and enhancing the advancement of US mathematics. Graduate students, junior faculty, and underrepresented groups in mathematics will be given priority for funding.
Effective start/end date5/1/134/30/14


  • National Science Foundation (DMS-1301583)


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