Assessing PROMIS Other Simple Patient-Reported Measures for Cancer

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Northwestern University (NU) investigators (Cella, Yount) will provide expertise on the PROMIS measures being evaluated in the study, general study methodology, analysis and interpretation of PROMIS and other PRO measures, and will participate in dissemination of study results. As one of the five recruitment sites, Northwestern will be responsible for recruiting 360 patients with cancer to participate in the study. Under Dr. Yount’s supervision, NU research staff will approach, consent and register eligible patients with the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Registration Office and will then administer the baseline assessment according to the randomization assignment (i.e., computer, IVR or paper). They will also obtain the necessary clinical data from medical charts or medical providers, conduct the follow-up for overall/disease-free/progression-free survival for up to two years for each participant, ensure that all data collected from NU participants is transmitted to Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and provide the participation with their compensation for participating in the study.
Effective start/end date12/1/125/31/16


  • Mayo Clinic (64197054 // 1R01CA154537)
  • National Cancer Institute (64197054 // 1R01CA154537)


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