A Cognitive Test Battery for Intellectual Disabilities

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Cognition is a primary limitation in intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). However, new pharmacological and behavioral treatments are in development which may improve cognition. As such, it is necessary that we have an outcome measure that can adequately capture the cognitive skills of these individuals. This project is a renewal to continue evaluating the NIH Toolbox as an outcome measure in I/DD. We will continue to follow the existing cohort to monitor change over time. Additionally, we will evaluate the reliability and validity of modified versions of tests recognized during the initial grant period, and develop new tests for domains currently not covered by the Toolbox (e.g. numeracy). Finally, other sites of this project will test whether the Toolbox is sensitive to treatment effects in a psychostimulant drug study.
Effective start/end date9/30/209/29/25


  • University of California, Davis (A20-1951-S003 AMD2 // R01HD076189)
  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (A20-1951-S003 AMD2 // R01HD076189)


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