Proteomics of Cardiovascular Risk: The Multiethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

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Dr. Philip Greenland, Harry W. Dingman Professor of Cardiology, is a co-investigator on this project. Dr. Greenland is a longstanding MESA Study investigator, including serving as initial Chair of the Study Design Committee, and serving as a current member of the MESA Ancillary Study Committee. He will serve as the liaison to the MESA Study for sample acquisition, data transmission, and data analyses. He will also be responsible for the cardiovascular epidemiology on the project, including all epidemiologic analyses. He is also a cardiovascular imaging expert with more than 50 research papers on coronary artery calcium testing, and he will oversee that aspect of the current project as well. In order to accomplish these tasks, Dr. Greenland will devote 10% effort to the project in years 1 and 4 to assist with design and data analysis, and will dedicate 5% effort in Years 2 and 3 to assist with coordination between MESA and the rest of the study team, as well as participate in all research team meetings and discussions in all 4 years. Dr. Sanviv Shah will be Co-Investigator on this project. Dr. Shah would be helping with analyzing and interpreting the MESA data related to heart failure phenotypes, and participating in abstracts, presentations, and publications.
Effective start/end date7/2/214/30/25


  • University of California, San Francisco (12917SC AMD02 // 5R01HL159081-03)
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (12917SC AMD02 // 5R01HL159081-03)


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