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The MRSEC-RET program provides an opportunity for Chicago Public School (CPS) teachers to engage in research, develop a professional network that includes university researchers and teachers, learn about recent developments in science and technology, and explore ways to transfer this knowledge to the classroom. A portion of the participants’ time is allotted to the development of a curriculum concept for sharing their research experiences at their home institutions. Specifically, the program objectives include: • For the teacher, professional development and a final product that can be easily implemented in the teacher's classroom. • For the CPS-RET program, to understand teacher's professional goals and follow up during the school year with continued support for implementing and leading STEM activities at the school level. CPS teachers will go through the regular application/selection process on the MRSEC-RET’s system. CPS will not pre-select teachers, but will advertise the program opportunity to all teachers who meet the selection criteria and encourage them to apply.
Effective start/end date6/1/158/14/15


  • Chicago Public Schools (Agmt 6/16/15//N00014-12-1-0738)
  • Office of Naval Research (Agmt 6/16/15//N00014-12-1-0738)


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