Ptychography-based Rapid Imaging of Nano-Structures with Multi-layer Assemblies (PRISMA)

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The Information Sciences Institute (ISI), an entity of the University of Southern California (USC), is submitting a proposal to IARPA’s Office of Safe and Secure Operations, BAA-15-12, Rapid Analysis of Various Emerging Nanoelectronics (RAVEN). As part of this submission, ISI is soliciting collaboration with the Northwestern University (NU), herein called subcontractor. The RAVEN program aims to develop a prototype analysis tool for acquiring images from all layers in a 1 cm2 chip area of a 14 nm integrated circuit (IC), within 25 days. The RAVEN program goals include: 1) Minimum 10 nm spatial resolution. 2) Nondestructive image acquisition using a single test sample; or 3) Destructive image acquisition using at most 5 test samples. 4) Twenty-five (25) days total to acquire the images from the sample(s) and create a 3D image representation of the entire chip. 5) Real-time checking during the acquisition process to eliminate the need for re-scans. RAVEN is anticipated to be a three-phase program over a 5-year period. Phase-1 will be of 2 years, Phase-2 of 2 years, and Phase-3 of 1 year. The resolution and acquisition speed performance will be initially demonstrated in a laboratory test bench. The program outcome is expected to be a fully automated prototype tool capable of rapid 3D image acquisition of individual chips. The acquisition speed requirements, computing, and graphical analysis capabilities are an important aspect of the tool development.
Effective start/end date11/23/1611/22/18


  • University of Southern California (No. 86101156 Amd 1 // FA8650-17-C-9112)
  • Air Force Research Laboratory (No. 86101156 Amd 1 // FA8650-17-C-9112)


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