RADAR‐CNS: Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse in Central Nervous System Disorders

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    For this RADAR-CNS project, Dr. Mohr will oversee the technology development at the Behavioral Intervention Development Core (BIT Core) and provide guidance and expertise as needed.
    BITCORE Scope of Work
    CBITs Purple Robot Infrastructure Support for the KCL RADAR-CNS Project (WP7 / WP8)
    The Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs) will be responsible for assisting the RADAR-CNS project by:
    1. Providing technological support and assistance in the delivery and disseminate of the Purple Robot system to study participants, including:
    a. Human support of source code and application deployment strategies
    b. Addition of new features to Purple Robot as needed for the project including:
    i. constructing and assisting with the construction of new modules and probes to help with data transmission
    ii. management of new modules to collect data from smartphone sensors
    2. Assisting RADAR staff in:
    a. Their in-house authorship and develop supplemental source code and modules for Purple Robot
    b. Development of server architectures and API prototypes for implementation by RADAR-CNS developers
    3. Consulting on practical issues related to information technologies including:
    a. Support of integration with other devices and sensors
    b. Support of integration with other work packages in the system
    In addition to CBITs responsibilities listed above, the following parties will be responsible for the following assets and labor:
    1. CBITs will provide virtual machine examples for implementation by RADAR-CNS study staff.
    2. RADAR staff will be responsible for managing distribution of applications, configuration of servers, and hosting requirements for the project.
    3. CBITs will provide a reasonable amount of support assisting RADAR staff with the use of the system. This support can take the form of user & developer documentation as well as e-mail or phone assistance needed to help the core staff begin using the intervention.
    Any core modifications made to the system that are not specific to innovative research of this submission will be contributed back to the open-source project.
    Effective start/end date4/1/163/31/21


    • Janssen Pharmaceutica NV (Grant Agmt 115902)


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