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This is an additional Supplement to the RADx COVID 19 Emergency Response initiative. At the direction of our Program Officers, our research focus has pivoted to Covid-19. Northwestern University offers expertise in areas of technology, validation, clinical trials, commercialization and innovation. Our African partner institutions have many valuable resources including: NIH-funded scientific research expertise, technology, validation of new diagnostic technologies, biorepository experience, validation of new, clinical trials experience, and access to unique populations. Our network has embraced this challenge and look forward to participating in the RADx program. They offer access to unique ·user" populations which address the overall goals of RADx and look forward to participating in critical aspects of technology development, validation of products and clinical trials to confirm efficacy. Our network already has its own REDCap database which connects the sites in terms of clinical activities, research and laboratory processing/storage. We launched our own journal, Global Health Innovation and wrote the first African textbook on biomedical engineering, Biomedical Engineering in Africa.
Effective start/end date7/17/206/30/22


  • University of Massachusetts Medical School (OSP/WPM33765-NW//3U54HL143541-02S2)
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (OSP/WPM33765-NW//3U54HL143541-02S2)


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