Rat Paraspinal Neuroinflammation Model-to Study Host Response to rhPDGF-BB Combined with a Beta-tricalcium Phosphate (b-TCP)/Bovine Collagen Matrix

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PDGF-BB (Platelet Derived Growth Factor-B chain homodimer) is a polypeptide growth factor released from platelets and acts early in the wound healing cascade as a chemoattractant and mitogenic agent, for both osteoprogenitor cells and differentiated osteoblasts [1-3]. PDGF-BB also plays an important role in the formation of new blood vessels[2, 4]. These properties make PDGF-BB’s role vital in the recruitment and amplification of the osteoblast lineage cells and promoting healing at the bone fusion site [5-7].
Effective start/end date5/9/185/9/21


  • Wright Medical Technology, Inc. (Agmt 05/09/18)


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