Re-Wiring the Human Brain

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Project Summary: This proposal develops non-invasive techniques to transform our capability to manipulate brain interregional functional connectivity in humans, therefore laying the foundation for a new class of network-level therapies in disorders that involve white matter lesions or aberrant functional connectivity due to other reasons. We build the techniques within studies in healthy human subjects and stroke/TBI patients, but the findings will be applicable to a broad range of neurological and psychiatric disorders. If the Catalyst phase of the award is successful, the techniques may be applied in a controlled clinical trial during the Transformational phase. The TMS, EEG, and MRI devices are noninvasive, safe, and already FDA-approved, and the experiments can be conducted in their allotted time frames NU Scope of Work: I will oversee all aspects of the MRI portion of the project. I will coordinate the structural scans required for the study. In addition I will oversee the collection of resting state and diffusion scan data. This includes data acquisition protocols, setup and archiving of the data. I will assist in the data analysis and interpretation of the results of the MRI data and its context in the entire project.
Effective start/end date11/30/1611/29/18


  • Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (cc# 81469 // 5542)
  • Dr. Ralph and Marian Falk Medical Research Trust (cc# 81469 // 5542)


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