Recipient Non-Classical Monocytes Drive Primary Graft Dysfunction In Cystic Fibrosis Recipients

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This proposal will provide me with adequate research training in a collaborative effort within a multidisciplinary investigators team with complementary skill sets comprised of: Ankit Bharat, MD (Chief of Thoracic Surgery and Surgical Director of Lung Transplantation with expertise in transplant immunology), Scott Budinger MD (Chief of Pulmonary Medicine with expertise in monocyte/macrophage biology), and Alexander Misharin MD PhD (Expertise in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics as well as multichannel flowcytometry). The team has a strong record of publications in lung transplantation with laboratories adjacent to each other. Dr. Bharat’s laboratory has a microsurgery set-up and has performed over 500 mouse lung transplants with over 90% survival rate. Northwestern University provides an outstanding environment with ample resources to complete all the experiments outlined in this proposal.
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/23


  • Thoracic Surgery Foundation for Research and Education (Agmt# 02/23/21)


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