Recombinant annexin A6 to treat muscle disease and muscle injury

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Membrane injury results from trauma, burn, chemicals, or in muscle, from overuse. Repairing muscle membranes requires a quick and efficient process to limit injury. Muscle is prone to membrane disruption related to the elongated nature of muscle cells combined with the stress of repeated muscle contractions. Mutations in genes encoding membrane-associated proteins produce fragile membranes, decreased membrane repair and progressive muscular dystrophy. Development of a therapeutic to enhance repair and reduce susceptibility to membrane injury would benefit acutely injured muscle as well as chronically injured muscle, such as that occurring in muscular dystrophy. Currently, there is little available to treat muscle injury and muscular dystrophy. Here we will test the efficacy of therapeutics to enhance muscle membrane repair and promote healing. We will conduct preclinical testing in the setting of muscular dystrophy models (chronic injury) and acute muscle injury.
Effective start/end date4/15/194/14/24


  • Lakeside Discovery, LLC (Agmt 5/18/18)


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