Recreating features of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Vitro on a Novel Multi-Organ Microfluidic Platform

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Specific Aim 1: To investigate the influence of increased ovarian androgens on tissues including the fallopian tube, human adipose and pancreatic islets. Mouse ovarian explants will be treated with gonadotropins to produce high levels of testosterone (PCOS ovary) and its effects will be studied in relevant 3D organ models of the fallopian tube, fat, or pancreatic islets. The LATTICE platform will connect ovaries with downstream tissues through microfluidic channels with a constant flow rate of media over the course of 14 days. Tissue function will be measured. Specific Aim 2: To investigate the effects of increased insulin secretion from pancreatic islets on the normal and PCOS ovary. Alginate-encapsulated pancreatic islets will secrete insulin at basal and high levels and cocultured with a normal or PCOS ovary in LATTICE. The impact of high insulin and other factors secreted by islets on follicle growth, ovulation rates and hormone production will be measured.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/23


  • Society for Reproductive Investigation (AGMT CAMPO 6/22/22)


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